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+Adafruit Industries takes up the +Electronic Frontier Foundation’s call-to-action to keep 3D printing…

Rob Giseburt:

+Adafruit Industries takes up the +Electronic Frontier Foundation's call-to-action to keep 3D printing open! The EFF is trying to help us, let's help them!

1) Go dig around in the US patent applications and see if you can find anything that's 3d printing related.
2) Find some prior art. It's most likely already out there, in forums, blog posts, wikis, flickr, etc.
3) Report it to the EFF.
4) We all win. (AKA "profit," but less corporate.)


Join EFF’s Efforts to Keep 3D Printing Open #3dthursday

Here’s an important call-to-action from the EFF who are encouraging the 3D community to help them identify and challenge “patent applications that particularly threaten growing 3D printing technologie…

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